Where to find a free co-working place in Cork that offers free drinks and fast Wi-Fi

Finding a decent place to do your digital/online work could be a little frustrating especially when you need a place where you can clear your mind out and finely squeeze the best ideas out of your brain, or simply getting things done in a work-friendly environment. It gets worse when you’d have to run somewhere to get a drink or worry about getting a free and fast Wi-Fi. For some people, it is a constant challenge.

Luckily, there are places that offer all you need to jumpstart your day of work without having to worry about fees.

If you live near Cork, or perhaps just passing by to somewhere else, you might as well stumble upon this place called Workbench, a free co-working place based in the Bank of Ireland.

And get this, they offer free coffee and tea, now that’s something you will not get anywhere else. I mean, who offers a workplace for free and gives away free drinks with it? Not to mention a surprisingly fast Wi-Fi to make things even better.

It is a perfect place for digital nomads who are in Cork for only a few days and needs a free place to work.

The place is great and is free to use for anyone, but strictly closes after 5 pm. It is a perfect place to meet with a client in the city. The cozy ambiance and helpful staff will make you want to come back time and time again. Plus, you get to meet with talented like-minded people. You can even book for meeting rooms, and venue for seminars and exhibitions (of course with a price, and only after 5 pm).

Working at home is why some digital nomads choose such lifestyle. But sometimes, working somewhere else and exposing yourself to the right kind of people will make you more productive. Who knows, your next project could be just around the corner, and it pays a lot to know places other than the four corners of your home.

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