Bank of Ireland Workbench: The Newest Business Facility in Cork

The Bank of Ireland welcomes you its newest Workbench facility!

The Bank of Ireland officially opened its newest Workbench in Patrick Street, Cork. Workbench is a unique term that interconnects business people, company, branch, and community, through its free cozy work space that is conducive for co-working, listening, learning, and sharing ideas.

Workbench offers a complimentary fast and reliable WiFi. In addition to that, they also give free hot coffees and teas to its clients. It is a great place for your special events, seminars, and even meetings. They give a full event coverage and support. The following are the services they offer:

  • Digital screen
  • Pre-promotion through their own social media networks and websites
  • Helpful and Approachable Staffs & Startup Community Manager
  • Functional and full use of audio-visual facilities

Workbench in Cork operates everyday from Mondays to Fridays. It opens at 9 am, and strictly closes at 5 pm. What’s good about Workbench is that, it is readily available for use to anyone. You can always book the work space for your events such as talks, seminars, and exhibitions. Bookings are also possible after 5 pm when arranged and agreed with the Startup Community Manager. 

Because of its outstanding services, it becomes perfect for startups and digital nomads who only stays in Cork for a few days and needs a free place to work. It is also for talented people who shares their  ideas and thoughts to their co-workers.

Workbench in Cork

Workbench in Cork

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Workbench facility is not only limited to people with business transactions, nor entrepreneurs, but, it is freely open to all who feels the need to work in a cozy space. I can give a two thumbs up for this new facility,because of these two reasons: 1.) They have an A-Team! The Startup Community Manager and the staffs are super friendly and helpful. They can help you on the services they offer to give you the best experience; 2.) The site is accessible.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!

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