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A few years ago Noah Kagan came up with the concept of the Coffee Discount Challenge. You might have heard of Noah before, since he’s a former Facebook product manager, former Mint marketing director, and the founder and developer of AppSumo. His challenge may seem like an easy task, but it’s actually a more complex psychological action that he uses for entrepreneurial training.

In today’s technology driven society, time spent with face to face activities or social interactions has decreased considerably. And as a consequence, we see an increase in social fear. The Coffee Discount Challenge addresses the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, and the fear of unconventional. The challenge is also encouraged by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers and recently appeared in Tim Ferris’ new tv series.

Kagan exclaims, a lot of young entrepreneurs are afraid that their business is going to fail, or that nobody will use their product once it’s on the market. But these fears are most of the time irrational. This happens because people often feel uncomfortable or insecure.

Addressing this insecurity or lack of confidence is best done in small, simple steps. If you can learn how to overcome these social obstacles, you’re guaranteed to have better results in your business and day-to-day life. The Coffee Challenge is specifically designed to help people overcome their fear of rejection.

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Socially Winning!

The coffee discount challenge

The challenge is quite simple. All you have do is walk into a coffee shop (it doesn’t matter if it’s Starbucks, a local coffee shop, or even McDonalds) and after you order your coffee, you ask for a 10% discount on the price. Now, you’re very unlikely to receive the discount, and you already know that. This is something that people are exceptionally afraid of, the rejection. Knowing that there’s very little chance of success puts off a lot of people.

If you ask most of your friends to do this, they’ll probably come up with all kinds of excuses. But the purpose of the challenge is not to get a discount on your coffee. The actual purpose of the challenge is to learn to cope with everyday failures and small obstacles. It might not seem like much, but try it before judging. Having the courage to take risks, even though you know that there’s only a slim chance of success, will simply improve the quality of your life and remove negative obstacles you place on yourself.

Bonus challenge for digital nomads

Here’s another one myself and Paul like... If you liked the coffee challenge and you had the courage to take it, we have another challenge for you. Next time you’re on an airplane, just sit in the wrong seat. There’s no need to be a jerk, or to be rude. Just try to cope with the situation that unfolds when the actual owner of the seat arrives and try to start and hold a conversation! After the first few times now we just do it for fun, apply beer for extended interaction 🙂

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