Bungee Jumping at the extreme X-Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bungee Jumping at the extreme X-Centre

One fear we eagerly awaited to face on our travels was the old bungee jump. As with all extreme activities, organising is essentially the hard part. Sometimes, you just want to jump from a plane or bungee off a cliff, but more times than not, it is simply the ‘Okay, let’s do that next Wednesday’ that seems to take all the fun out of it.

That is why the extreme sports ‘X-centre’ in Chiang Mai is brilliant. One minute you can be working in your apartment saying “Always wanted to do a bungee jump” and 15 minutes later you can be at a reception desk being asked “Do you want to ‘touch’ the water or go ‘fully in’ the water”

With only a few days left in Chiang Mai, we finally closed the laptops and thought: f*ck it. We hopped on the bike and off we went. It is only a few miles outside of Chiang Mai’s old city and is easy enough to find.

Tim doing his bungee jump

We went for the package option which included a DVD which cost us €60 each. One of the young lads essentially follows you until you jump with a small video camcorder. He asks you a few questions to help you along.

As quick as you arrive, you’re in, paid and brought through to the backyard where you see the 50 meter tower that was specifically built and designed for bungee jumping. You sit on the bench and watch everyone’s knees quickly bounce up and down as they watch their friends on the platform. People shout words of encouragement as each person before you jumps and your excitement grows.

It’s all quite fun and your heart does get going and as you shuffle to the edge of the board, 50 meters up. It all of a sudden seems a bit taller than you thought. 1..2..3 and you’re off. The fall, the adrenaline, the splash of the water. It’s amazing and both of us that day were Googling other bungee jumps around the world.

One fear down and many more to go. Doing a bungee jump has been satisfyingly scratched off the bucket list only to be replaced with ‘To now jump off Macau tower, China – the largest bungee jump in the world’.

The X-centre in Chiang Mai is the perfect place for a first time Bungee Jump. A lot cheaper than most other countries, set in a beautiful location and with high safety standards it is ideal to take that first “leap of faith” you’ll never forget.

Check out www.chiangmai-xcentre.com for more details

A happy Paul after his bungee jump

“Get this f*ckin’ GoPro off me!” … Not trusting the Go Pro strap, I cellotaped the crap out of Tim’s head and with wet hair, it was very funny watching him rip it off

Done and done. One more off the bucket list

Driving home the tire burst, so we had to get a taxi and put the bike at the back. Good with the bad.
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