Top 8 Websites to Find and Hire the Best Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants

The modern business landscape calls for an enlightened, modern approach to produce great results. One of the most lucrative methods in today’s online business world is hiring virtual assistants to complete jobs and work remotely for you.

Without the use of VAs, it would not have been possible for my businesses to grow so dramatically and also efficiently over the past years.

With the proper setup, instructions, and tuition, you can easily create a dependable assistant who will work efficiently in their/your virtual office for years to come. Get the correct systems in place and you can scale any operation to a workforce of online virtual workers.

Hiring virtual workers is a relatively new concept to most, but you will be pleased to hear you are already spoiled for choice. As there are now hundreds of websites that serve as a hiring portal for virtual assistants, the task can be a little daunting.
Fear not, though I have selected my top eight websites for being the best providers of efficient virtual assistants and categorized them so you know the best place to hire for your particular needs.

Best Sites for Easy, Seamless Hiring Process and quick Simple Tasks

When starting out, a full-time virtual assistant is unnecessary. Small tasks like encoding, voiceovers, icon designing, general admin, etc. do not require hiring a long-term assistant. These are my top picks for getting your feet wet:

Twitter: Checking for whatever is trending is made easier with Twitter. You can easily attract potential VAs by posting a catchy job ad and then attaching the proper hashtag on the post. Efficient virtual assistants know where to look for the right job. It is a sign of resourcefulness if they do find your post on Twitter. You can ask to be sent a link to a CV and portfolio as this also saves providing your personal details. This tactic will get you a lot of applicants.
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CraigsList: If you are worried of having limited characters to use on your job post at Twitter, another easy way to find a virtual assistant is through CraigsList. You can post everything about the job offer and as the site categorizes the jobs, you can get the right, experienced applicants.
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Fiverr: A huge marketplace of job offers and candidates. You can find all sorts of work for five dollars. There are people who will do simple tasks from recording a testimonial, creating simple logos, writing short articles, etc. Freelancers here are normally only looking for quick tasks to fill their time so it can be quite difficult to find a reliable assistant for larger tasks. The system is very tight and additional features like “24-hour delivery gigs” can be very convenient.
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Best for Efficiency

There are online jobs that require a little expertise on simple but time-consuming tasks. Responding to emails, for example, is quite simple especially when everything you will have to say might be generic. This will consume too much of your working hours if you choose do it on your own. A virtual assistant who has the knowledge and skills to do light tasks can be found on these dependable sites:

VA Networking: Here is a site where they match the best virtual assistant to a particular employer. Submit a Request for Proposal on the site so that the board of VA insiders will be able to review your business needs and find a particular virtual assistant that will match your criteria.
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Elance: If you prefer to review the applicants yourself, Elance will allow you to view the portfolios and profiles of those who respond to your job post. Here you can view experience, see work examples and also the evaluation of previous employers.
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Guru Employer: This site is similar to Elance. The difference is that they are a bit stricter with how funds are transferred from the employer to the employee. They have a policy to deposit the funds first once a freelancer is selected so that the worker will receive the payment as soon as the task is complete.
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Best for Hardcore, Expert Virtual Assistants

These sites are known for providing seasoned virtual assistants who can be easily trained and work effectively even in a remote setting. The freelancers who signed up on these sites are required to provide detailed information so that their skills can be evaluated prior to hiring. As an employer, you will find it extremely helpful to have the chance to personalize the hiring process. Both of these sites give the employers that chance so that every virtual assistant hired is based on how you evaluate the candidate.

Freelancer: has been around the freelancing business outsourcing circuit for years now. The company says that it is, by far, the largest outsourcing place in the world, boasting around 8 million verified freelancers. They are great for companies who look for freelancers to do online marketing such as web designing, data encoding, software development, etc. You can just sign up, post a project, and wait for the right candidate. Virtual assistants are plenty in this site and you can review their qualifications using the information they provide plus their work portfolio from completed projects.
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Peopleperhour: This site is growing, fast! The interface is very solid and they are continually adding new features for employers. People Per Hour prioritize first class work and this is very evident with the whole experience. There are fewer freelancers on board due to a stricter site-clearing process, which means you can definitely count on the quality of work that verified users deliver. If you are looking for quality virtual assistants, you will find them here but prepare to pay premium for the best VA.
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It's time to go hire!

There you have it, the best sites to start your search for that efficient virtual assistant that you need. Avoid wasting your money on an assistant that does not match your specifications. Know where to find the kind of assistant that you want and you will mutually benefit from it.

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