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Pomodoro Technique

Travelling, exploring, learning and generally enjoying life. These are how I want to spend my time. So for years I have battled to make the work hours count as much as possible. While travelling and working indefinately its crucial that work time is efficient but also doesn’t kick the shit out of you and leave you drained for days after.

I have been using a new time management app for the past 6 months and its literally changed the way I work – the principles are simple yet manage to smash the theory that 3 redbulls and being lost in the matrix for a day is the most productive strategy. Often leaving me left feeling like fullmoon-party driftwood the next day.

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique is an innovative time management technique that was first introduced in late 1980’s by Francesco Cirillo. The whole idea concentrates on taking short breaks during work which promotes mental agility along with instilling productive time management that actually works.
Of course screen breaks is a strategy we've all used before. However incorporating the Pomodoro app delivers much more focus and crafts an environment that delivers many more mental rewards with a continuous sense of achievement.

Pomodoro technique tomato timer
Pomodoro technique tomato timer

The word pomodoro means tomato in Italian and the technique has been named so because the first pomodoro timer used by Cirillo was a tomato shaped red kitchen timer. It has now become a popular symbol of th pomodoro technique.

The basic principle is to:

1. Decide the work to be done
2. Take a pomodoro timer and set it to a time convenient to you. The traditional time interval used is 25 minutes but you can set it at a time comfortable to you.
3. Start working until the timer rings. Also maintain a record and marks in the timer for analysis later.
4. Now take a short break (3 – 5 minutes) generally advised 5 minutes if you have taken 25 minutes as working time so that you can work in easily countable slots of 30 minutes. But like working time you can choose this according to your comfort level. This one set of working time and rest time is called a Pomodoro.
5. Do four sets (or less if work is completed sooner) and then take a long break (30 minutes or less).
Simple right? But the added restraints of pushing through to complete the “Pomodoro” create a positive mental structure to workflow which provides a sense of achievement and reward.

The Pomodoro timer phone app
The Pomodoro timer phone app

It’s a fun way to challenge yourself into saving time and becoming more productive with whatever task you do. Using the pomodoro technique and making it a part of my working hours has improved concentration power and enables me to recognise the normally "unavoidable" distractions.

Pomodoro Timer apps

Various apps have been developed for the pomodoro technique but the Pomodoro Timer remains my favourite so far.

The graphics are clean and its available in 25+ languages. Its versatile in terms of compatibility and can runs effectively on all platforms with all features intact. Pomodoro Timer has a simple layout yet laden with features, you can select short/long break durations and also how often the breaks should occur.

Desktop Pomodoro technique app
Desktop Pomodoro technique app

One feature I would like to see is a timer display bar on the home page or maybe one in the notifications panel but as you have to be in the Pomodoro Timer app to view the current time reading I guess removes additional distractions.

Time management apps seem to have been and gone, but this one has remained in my aresnal for the last 6 months. Give it a go, its a great app to work in an effective manner and the quality and consistency of your work will also increase.

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