Must Read Digital Nomad Books for 2015 & the New Year

Reading is a brilliant method to develop one’s focus and awareness. If you are aspiring to become a digital nomad or are already taking baby steps to start a new business, reading relevant and inspirational books will serve as a great guide and should be considered as an instrument to get you on the right track.
To be inspired with success stories, learn business tactics, and attract good business vibes the whole- year round, here are our top 5 must read business books for digital nomads in 2015:

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader."
― Margaret Fuller 

The Chimp Paradox

In this book by Prof Steve Peters, much emphasis is given on having a generally positive outlook on things. It teaches about how to manage emotions so that a person can become happier, more confident, healthier, and further succeed on whatever nomadic path your choose!

What’s great about it: Considering its an academic topic subjects are presented in a way that are simple to grasp. It will help you fully understand how the mind works and learn about scientific based measures that will help you manage it. Its a book about about mind management allowing you to develop practical habits as well as emotional skills that will be very essential in managing a business and successful lifestyle design adventures!

Zero to One: Notes Startups or How to Build the Future

Considered to be a hybrid of a good business book and a political manifesto by Peter Thiel, the book is a great inspiration for people who would love the idea of building something out of nothing. The book also offers an insightful overview of the San Fransisco start up scene and growth of Silicon valley in recent years.

What’s great about it: The book highlights the value of being different. Instead of becoming a target of the competition, creating a whole new range of products and services is the sure way to become desirable to the chosen market. Also Thiel covers the future landscape for startups and global industries as a whole providing thoughtful recommendations and forewarnings.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Due to its minimalist ethos this book is seeing some heavy traction in the digital nomad world at present. Greg McKeown teaches about the Ways of the Essentialist through all walks of life. In his words, he would rather get only the most important things done instead of using other techniques such as time management or a bunch of productivity techniques. The book discerns this technique to help eliminate unnecessary tasks that will just waste time, energy, and resources.
What’s great about it: It will make you become selective in your tasks and become an expert on setting priorities. This is a good read for managers or leaders who look at time as a precious resource.

The Obstacle is a Way

Aptly subtitled as “the timeless art of trials into triumph”, this book by Ryan Holiday is going to reveal a problem solving technique that was first taught by a Roman emperor. It is a collection of philosophical principles that are used by exceptionally bright people in history such as Ulysses S. Grant, John D. Rockefeller, and Steve Jobs.
What’s great about it: Everyone gets stuck once in a while and sometimes too often. The book offers a formula that will make you less frustrated against obstacles and how to look at them as opportunities.


A stunning book by Malcolm Gladwell which introduces to the reader the world of the brightest and most successful, the so called “outliers”. Gladwell laid down the factors that made an outlier who he is. He focused on paying attention on several influences like family background, idiosyncrasies of experiences and upbringing, and generation among others.
What’s great about it: Definitely an entertaining and easy read that will also illuminate the secrets to the success of a variety of intriguing characters such as Bill Gates and the Beatles.

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